Who Are We?
Values, Origins & Structure

Our Core Values

  • To affirm the worth of each person as a unique individual;
  • To accept the human body as sacred;
  • To embrace sexuality as a sacred expression and nurturer of our inherent life force;
  • To believe that we are essentially free beings, responsible for each of the experiences in our lives;
  • To acknowledge all feelings as valid expressions of our inner being, and that we are responsible for the consequences manifested with in accordance with how we choose to act upon those feelings;
  • To support each person as capable of transformation, capable of forgiving and healing wounds and capable of growing into a life filled with passion, abundance, loving relationships and dreams come true.


The Body Sacred (TBS) has its roots in the vital conversations begun by Jerry Jud and others who recognized a rising human need to explore the connection of sex and spirit beyond culturally accepted norms. In 1993 they organized a conference at Kirkridge Retreat Center in Pennsylvania called The Union of Sex & Spirit. This assembly was attended by a diverse group of leaders and activists, including academics and clergy. Other gatherings followed. The first retreat called The Body Sacred evolved from these meetings, and took place in 1995.


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The Body Sacred is a non-profit, volunteer-led corporation. Its officers and board of directors are chosen by the TBS community. An advisory board, comprised of long-term members of the community, offers guidance to the officers regarding the traditions and mission of TBS, and related matters.