Summer TBS

Erotic Offerings:  An Ensemble Community Event

Trish & Joanne, leaders

This is a weekend to share, love, flirt, bond, receive and offer as a community in a way we have not done before. When it comes to our weekends together, we often think of the leaders at the front of the room offering and the rest of the community in the seats receiving. The truth is, the weekend experience is created by everyone. So why not make it official?

This Erotic Offerings weekend is an exploration into an ensemble community experience. Erotic Offerings will provide a host of activities and experiences created not only by the leaders, but also by the community. What happens when we each show up as our unique selves with the intention of creating something greater for us all? How can we play together as an ensemble to invite even greater pleasure, connection and community?

Join us for this weekend of unexpected magic, playful exploration and exponential love!


July 31-August 4, 2019
Retreat starts at 6 pm on Wednesday and ends at 1 pm on Sunday.

Livingston Manor, NY

2 thoughts on “Summer TBS

  1. dieter bruning-haid

    we would like to register
    can u please let us know when registration starts.
    thank u

    1. Sandy Post author

      Hi Dieter,

      Registration should open this week. I am no longer secretary so I am not in charge of sending out the forms — but I am helping still with website maintenance. If you don’t get anything by May 24, please email Joanne (TBS president) at Best, Sandy


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