About Our Retreats

TBS retreats are gatherings in which exploration and connection of the heart and mind intersect. Each event is carefully crafted by a small team of leaders around a theme, and evolves from the needs and passions of the group. Retreat leadership is open to all; each individual is encouraged to take a role in creating the gatherings.

Retreats are dynamic and often intense; participants are always ‘at choice’ in each exercise. While every retreat is different, they always include community-building activities, communication and boundary exercises, and lots of playtime.  Other activities might include dance and other movement, yoga, breathwork, massage, gender group meetings, body painting, playshops, play dates, talent night, exploring nature, bonfires, drumming, eating, and chocolate.

Each participant is called upon to accept the TBS Covenant, which comprises three commitments:

  • To remain present;
  • To intend goodwill toward all present; and
  • To maintain confidentiality.

What to Expect —
And What Not To

Lots of Touch
Attendance at a TBS retreat includes guided exercises with sensual touch, and you are always free to decide what to do and what not to do. You will be supported in your choices.  Participants seeking a guaranteed sexual experience are likely to be disappointed; we suggest you look elsewhere.

Our primary intent is to celebrate love, relationship, spirituality, and sexuality as essential parts of a full and healthy life.  Because TBS embraces these core elements, a retreat – or a particular activity or personal interaction — can have a powerful effect on an individual. We expect every attendee to stay closely in touch with his or her own moods, needs, and wants during the retreat, and to communicate them. At retreats, we each take responsibility for our own experience and emotional well-being.

Attendees often report that a Body Sacred retreat had a moving, transformative impact on them. The celebration can be very healing, and although retreats can be therapeutic, this is not our primary intent.  We do not offer professional counseling or professional support at our retreats.

New Connections
Coming to know the TBS community, and feeling at home, can take time. Everyone’s experience is unique, part of our diversity, and part of the evolving adventure.  Some of us find new lovers or partners.  All of us gain new friends who understand and accept us, and we all gain from sharing ourselves fully and openly.

We use a sliding scale based on income to calculate the fee for a retreat.  Cost also varies according to the length of the retreat.  Currently, the cost to attend ranges from $495 to $830.  An Early Bird discount is available for fees fully paid by a designated date. Also, work scholarship and/or needs scholarship funds may be available to defray part of the cost. Please inquire for more information about scholarships when you register.

How to Attend
New applicants wishing to attend a TBS will undergo an interview process before registering for their first retreat.  Because this process can take up to a month or more, we suggest that you apply well in advance of the retreat you would like to attend.

Email TheBodySacred@gmail.com to start the application process.